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We’ve changed our name from Vaughan Children’s Dentistry to Brite Bite

Our New Look and Feel

We are excited for you to experience our fresh and exciting brand, Brite Bite. This past year, Dr. Sean Ostro and Dr. Carly Greene opened Brite Bite Kids Dental and Orthodontics in North York, Ontario. The idea was to create a brand that was modern, inviting and full of positive vibes. We are excited to bring this new amazing brand to Vaughan Children’s Dentistry.

Updates to Our Practice

Over the coming months, we will be updating our Vaughan clinic by adding some of the Brite Bite touches, like our lifesize graphics, ever bright sensory light board, sibling treatment room, and toothpaste menu. 

We will continue to offer seven day a week emergency services and evening phone support, but now patients will now be able to schedule appointments at either location which will improve access to appointment times, and offer flexibility to families. 

Many of you have already experienced the Brite Bite brand in our orthodontic clinic. Now, our goal is to bring that new look and feel to our Vaughan location, while continuing to provide the same amazing care that the VC Dentistry team has for the past 11 years.


What was the reason for rebranding?

Our Vaughan clinic has been operating as Vaughan Children’s Dentistry since we first opened our doors in January of 2012. We have had many renovations and updates to our clinic over time, with our goal to continue to improve our services and strive to provide the best possible care. We feel the Brite Brand brand is going to provide a modern take on business and bring a fun, new and exciting look to our clinics.

Which Doctors are going to work at each location?

The North York location will have Dr. Sean Ostro, Dr. Carly Greene, and our orthodontist Dr. Chelsea Ko-Adams

The Vaughan location will have Dr. Sean Ostro, Dr. Carly Greene, Dr. Nicole Lastman, Dr. Kimberlee Ngai, Dr. Kelsey Vinh, Dr. Josh Raisin, Dr. Jessica Gold, and Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

The Vaughan orthodontics location will have Dr. Heather Ford and Dr. Chelsea Ko-Adams

Can I schedule an appointment at either location?

Yes! One of the benefits of the unified brand will be access to appointments at both locations. If you have a request for a specific dentist, you will be able to schedule with that dentist at the location of your choice

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Was there any change in ownership?

There was no change in ownership to either location. The rebranding did not occur as a result of any sale or business transaction

Will Vaughan Children’s Dentistry be different now that it is Brite Bite?

We are committed to providing the same amazing service that we have been providing for the past eleven years.

We are hoping that the updated brand will help continue our lifelong quest for improvement and continue to boost our already positive energy. We will be updating our clinic to add some of the brite bite features such as our toothpaste menu and sibling room. We can’t wait to see you at your next visit and show you what we have been up to!